4 Ways for Multitaskers to Change Their Ways

Multitaskers, we know who you are and what you’re doing. Even as you’re reading this, your mind is elsewhere – on your to-do list, that email notification that just popped up, scheduling that next meeting. But yet, you soldier on through this post because that’s the amazing thing about multitaskers – you know how to get stuff done.

The thing is, according to American Psychological Association, all that multitasking is taking a toll on our brains. Switching from one thing to another. To another. Where were we again?

There’s hope for us multitaskers, though. Here are four ways to re-train our brains and still get stuff done:

  1. Be a time lord. Arrange your hours into 15 minute sprints of one task. No interruptions. Turn off those pesky notifications. Set your Skype to “Do Not Disturb.” Put the timer on and go. You’ll be amazed how much those 15 minutes turn into the most productive ones of each hour. Times them by 8, and that’s two hours of solid work you’ve just done.
  2. Carve up that inbox. We spend 28% of our work week checking email. Crazy, right? How we hunger to see what new subject, meeting, announcement has just landed in there. Sure, some of it might require your immediate attention, but you’re a time lord now, remember? Stick email into another time sprint. Five minutes of every hour? Ten? You know best. The point really is to just lump all this together rather than scatter tasks and actions across the moment.
  3. Make your meetings matter. It sounds grand, doesn’t it? Recently, we saw a great chart from Jell Blog that covered when it was time to have a meeting. Is the primary goal to see what everyone is working on? Maybe not the best reason to have a meeting. To review progress and next steps? Sounds like a winner – schedule it!
  4. Be a fantastic example. Now that we have your undivided attention (well, maybe just a little. That inbox is really eating at you, isn’t it?), get the multitaskers in your next meeting or brainstorm to give you their full attention. Put the above strategies to work: Provide a clear, role-specific agenda that outlines hoped-for outcomes. Give time limits for each bullet – and stick to them (time lord!). And when discussions take you off track, put those topics in the “parking lot” to be discussed at a later time if they warrant it.

Finally, remember you were once a multitasker so after your meetings, be sure to send out the notes from your meeting as a PDF. Happily, SMART kapp iQ can capture notes as you go so even the most hardcore multitasker can see what the process of the meeting or the brainstorm along the way.

So give your brain a break. Literally. Give it the chance to focus and spend increments of time doing just one thing. After all, you’ll get more done, and multitaskers love to get stuff done, don’t they?

See how SMART kapp iQ can help the multitasker in all of us.  

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