Keep Calm and Continue on with SMART kapp App

The beauty of a meeting is that it offers the opportunity for everyone to gather together with information and ideas that oftentimes turn into action. As ideas whip around the room or over the phone, they’re usually being captured. Right there, on the whiteboard so that everyone gets the benefit of seeing, responding and building on the content written there. It’s the focal point of pretty much every meeting.

And there’s something special about that focal point when it’s a SMART kapp iQ. It does amazing things. In that brainstorming meeting where you’ve decided the fate of nations, solved the most troubling issues facing your business, rooted out that mischievous bit of code that’s been causing those errors – you don’t want to lose everything you’ve just done. You also don’t want to lose how you got there. The process, as they say, is almost more valuable than the solution. SMART kapp iQ lets you capture every step of the process.

Then it comes. That dreaded knock on the door. Your coworkers are eager to get their own meeting started. So out you have to go. But what about all that work you’ve just done? No need to panic.

Take it with you. SMART kapp iQ lets you save the work digitally on your mobile device and share it out at a PDF or image file with anyone who needs the information.

Just because you have to move doesn’t mean that your content has to get lost. Instead, with the latest release of the SMART kapp app, you’ll be able to playback and build upon that brainstorm, storyboard, workflow or whatever groove you were into.

We call it “Continue.” It’s the newest feature of the SMART kapp app. It improves the integration between your mobile devices and the interactive displays that fuel your meetings – bringing your ideas to life. With the app, just select the session you want to continue from your kapp app library, connect to a SMART kapp iQ, and get back to work.

So even if you have to walk away from the content on one display, you’ll find it again on another – exactly as you left it. Simply grab that session on the app, connect to the board and start it again. Maybe on another day. Maybe in another meeting room. And, maybe with coworkers who are across the hallway or across an ocean. Before you know it, you’ll be back to building on your ideas and concepts in no time. You’ll never have to start from scratch again.

Eureka indeed!

Integrated and collaborative. Perfect for the way we work today.

Get the latest version of the free SMART kapp app (for Android and iOS) and share your next session with up to 250 remote participants at a time.

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