The Rise of Remote Work and What It Means to Your Workplace

A few years ago, 34 million Americans worked from home. This year, it’s predicted that 63 million people will be. That’s an increase of 43 percent. Businesses who ignore this trend do so at their peril. The future of work is distributed. Remote. Flexible.

Developers and marketers (and all sorts of job roles in between) have come to expect some level of flexibility from their workplace these days. As potential hires review their job offers, they aren’t just looking at salary anymore. They’re looking at work-life balance, and job flexibility is a critical component to it. Work flexibility is a big benefit that can give your business an edge on attracting and retaining top talent – no matter where they work.

With a distributed workforce, though, the trick is getting them in lock step with your business’s goals and vision.

Love them or hate them, meetings have their place in business. It’s how most of us touch base with each other and check in on progress, happenings, activities, and events. When you’re in a good meeting, you know who is doing what and by when. You have a greater sense of what’s coming up and what’s going on. The best meetings impart information and communicate what’s happening. They’re the secret sauce for business success.

By putting the best tools in the hands of your employees, the kinds of tools that ensure better communication and strong collaboration, you put your workforce in lock step. Here are some tools that can help:

Dropbox – For file sharing, it’s indispensable. Plus, it’s reliable. Best part? Your files are everywhere you are no matter what device you’re on. Just sync them up and you’re ready to go.

Join.Me lets you share your screen so everyone can see what you’re seeing. The free version is especially easy to use. Quick and simple, you can send participants a meeting code and right away, you’re all connected.

Skype for Business (app) – It’s like carrying your meeting in your hand. The business version takes Join.Me quite a few steps further. For instance, on the iPhone and Android apps, you can see at a glance which meetings are all lined up for the day. Just a quick tap of the button and you’re connected to the meeting. Best part? You can pinch and zoom on presentation material and see what people are talking about without having to squint.

SMART kapp – As a whiteboard to capture all your best ideas, brainstorms, squiggles, and mind maps, it can’t be beat. Press the camera button on the board and take easy snapshots that you can save and share by email. Best part? Meeting participants can watch in real-time as you write things down. Talk about feeling connected and informed.

SMART kapp iQ – Now we’re talking collaboration. Putting the right displays in meeting rooms, the kinds of displays that can share with people who aren’t in the room, your employees really get the full view of presentations, notes, and more. Best part? Everyone has the benefit of seeing firsthand what’s being communicated in the room via whatever device they’re on: laptop, tablet, or phone. And the people in the room find it just as easy to share. It’s a beautiful synergy of information communicated and information received.

With more and more employees working anywhere and in every time zone, make sure what’s important to your business is imparted to everyone. With the best tools at their disposal, your employees won’t just feel engaged and connected, they’ll feel like a contributing member of the team and a valuable part of your business.

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