The Modern Day Whiteboard for the Modern Day Meeting

Remember when people used to sit in meeting rooms and watch as one willing volunteer stood up to take notes on the whiteboard? As everyone called out ideas, the whiteboard volunteer would jot it down and on and on it would go until the whiteboard was full. Out came the eraser (or the unfortunate hand which got covered in mysterious black fibers and ink).

“Wait!” someone would call. “Don’t erase it yet. Let me get a photo of it.”

And then the whiteboard got red carpet treatment. Everyone would whip out their smartphones, stand around the whiteboard and snap photo after photo to capture what was written on it.

Oftentimes blurry, usually yellowish, the photos would have to be stitched together somehow in order to make sense again of what had been written down.

Once everyone confirmed that they each had some photos that would work, the board was finally erased. And the process would start again.

“But didn’t we already cover this?” and off people would go to their photos trying to pinch and zoom – looking to see if it had been captured already or not.

The progress of the meeting faltered. The energy dissipated. The flow interrupted. “Now where were we?”

Has anyone ever really gone back to those blurry, yellowish photos to type up notes or use the sketches in a presentation? And if they did, did they enjoy the exercise? If so, we’d like to meet them because they’re the unsung hero of every meeting.

And while these experiences probably sound familiar and frustrating, we haven’t even touched upon the remote participant. They can’t see anything written on the whiteboard. We’ve all been there – and it’s not a particularly engaging experience.

Collaborating with our coworkers should be simple and effortless. The work that comes from the time we take to participate in meetings should be helpful, accessible, and seamless to use – making the meeting doubly productive. The tool that can make it that way? SMART kapp. And now, SMART kapp iQ.

With SMART kapp and kapp iQ, you can take photos of the content along the way. With the touch of the camera icon button on the bottom, capture the progression of a brainstorm, or a process – anything you can think up. Take one photo, take fifty. The entire board in one photo, there’s no need to stitch anything together or take random guesses about how the content once connected. Clear, bright, white and readable, the content is easy to share. And people don’t have to be in the same meeting room, either. They can connect to the session wherever they are with their laptop, mobile device, or tablet. And with SMART kapp iQ, they can contribute too – from anywhere, anytime.

With the latest version of the free SMART kapp app (for Android and iOS), you can now share with up to 35 remote participants at a time and you can use a persistent URL for your kapp meetings. With the SMART kapp app, you can also now pick up right where you left off. We’ve taken the guesswork out when it comes to resuming your meeting. So stop being old-fashioned and start attending meetings in the modern age.


Bring your next meeting into the modern age with SMART kapp and SMART kapp iQ.

Robin Raulf Sager
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About Robin Raulf Sager

Robin Raulf-Sager is director of corporate communications at SMART Technologies. She was previously director of communications for Radvision, an Avaya company. Robin has led global corporate communications programs for more than 15 years and is passionate about unified communications and collaboration. She has an M.S. and a B.S. in communications from the University of Illinois.