New SMART Community Hub for Users

In the modern collaborative workplace, being able to make clear, efficient, and direct connections between people is what draws the line between a good community and a great one.

At SMART, we are very lucky to have this connection with a dedicated, knowledgeable, and enthusiastic group of educators and SMART supporters, including our valuable SMART Exemplary Educators. Through a variety of channels including GoldStarSee, the Advocate Hub, SMART Support sites, and other platforms such as SMART Exchange, we have connected this amazing network of people who are the lifeblood of our company.

Now, we would like to take this a step further. For some time, we have received requests to create a single unified SMART community hub in order to facilitate discussions among various SMART users, as well as provide a self-serve forum for users and experts to directly connect and collaborate on resolving technical issues.

Finally, this community is here as the SMART Communities portal. Find it at The portal comes directly linked to SMART’s own Knowledge Base of 2000+ technical articles, and is internally supported by SMART product experts. It is an excellent place to look for answers to any product questions, or to discuss related topics with other SMART users.

As a support community, the Communities site is open to all external and internal users, and comes with a built-in reputation system that would be familiar to anyone who has used a forum.

We are proud to bring you this new way of connecting with each other and with us at SMART, and we plan to continue making the Communities site better and better with new functionality and exciting new content! Come on in!

SMART Communities Quick Guide


Please visit You may create a user account on the Communities site by clicking the LOGIN button in the top right corner of the page and following the instructions.


SMART Communities uses intelligent keyword search and provides a drop down menu of relevant Articles or Questions after typing in a keyword. Pressing Search will open a more thorough list of results. Users may also search by user name to find all posts by that particular user.


Information within the Communities site is arranged by Topics, which can be accessed via the dropdown menu beside the Home button. Key SMART Products are also visible on the landing page under the Products tab. Accessing a product page allows the user to see all posts in that product category.

Creating a Post

Posts can be created via the Create a Post button on the right side of the page or via the Ask a Question button at the bottom of the page. When creating a post, it must be tagged to a specific Topic. For easy retrieval, any post may be tagged with key terms. Searching for these will cause the post to come up in the search results.


Users earn reputation by performing certain actions within the context of the Communities site, such as posting, answering questions, liking others’ posts, and etc. A full list of these actions can be viewed here.

Contact Support and Cases

For major technical issues, users can click the “Contact Support” button. This button may also be used to create a support case, which is then forwarded to the appropriate support groups.

Upcoming Features and Feedback

The roadmap for SMART Salesforce Communities contains a variety of features that are not yet implemented in the current version of the platform. Nevertheless, suggestions and comments on the current feature set and site functionality are welcome and encouraged.

Get involved and post your suggestions under the Feedback topic on the site, or get in touch directly via

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About Jack Zayarny

Jack Zayarny is the Community Manager for SMART Communities since August 2015. He has previously held a role at SMART managing the SMART Exchange portal. Holding dual degrees in Business Management and English, Jack has lived in Russia and the Ukraine, and worked numerous roles in the technology industry, including project management, writing and editing, and business analysis. He is passionate about technology, music, athletics, and connecting individuals of varying skill sets and backgrounds to develop something greater than themselves.