Barton Malow: Construction Industry Drawn to Digital

Who needs drafting boards and planning tables these days?

Not general contractor Barton Malow. They’ve opted to toss the paper aside and make technology work for them. They use SMART interactive flat panels to digitally mark-up project files. That way, they collaborate with fellow employees, architects, engineers, and project owners in order to deliver projects to their clients on time, on quality and on budget. This seamless, easy collaboration is critical to their success. The rest of the construction industry is no different. With so many stakeholders, success on a project is often rooted in being able to coordinate and interface in order to deliver on projects.


Before Barton Malow implemented SMART interactive flat panels, they primarily used paper drawings. It was hardly the most efficient way to keep people up-to-date on the project. Sharing information was oftentimes limited. Project members often had to update multiple sets of paper copies that were at varying stages of updating. By using IFPs, Barton Malow is able to view and update digital drawings which not only saves them the printing costs associated with printing paper drawings but also helps ensure that all stakeholders have the latest information for the project.

The result of all this ease of shared information? Better collaboration, better sharing, and greater success.


How can SMART help construction industry teams collaborate better? Find solutions for your next AEC project.  

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About Jessica Mitchell

Jessica is a Marketing Manager, Enterprise Solutions, and manages SMART’s advocate marketing program – SMART Collaboration Champions and is also responsible for Government marketing. Jessica joined SMART in 2011, bringing a combination of five years of agency experience and B2B technology marketing. When Jessica isn’t working with advocates or on Government marketing initiatives, she can be found doing a variety of adventure sports such as snowboarding, hiking, mountain biking, surfing and wakeboarding.