Make Meetings Productive [Infographic]

Workers everywhere, this will not surprise you. We go to roughly 62 meetings a month – almost three a day. We tend to believe that only half of the meetings we go to are worth our time. And during those meetings, 73% of us did other work – oftentimes just lending an ear to the discussion at hand.

In every meeting, three out of four people are tuned out, and only one person is paying attention. Next time you’re sitting in a conference room or listening on the phone, see if you can tell who is who. It might even be you. (For other workplace insights like the ones above, check out the rest of Atlassian’s findings.)

Those hours of unproductive meetings get amassed into unfathomable losses – more than $37 billion dollars per year are spent on unnecessary meetings. That’s B for billion.

It’s about time to reimagine what’s possible. Workers everywhere will thank you for it.


Make Meetings Productive

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