3 Questions to Ask Before You Buy a Whiteboard

Getting ready to buy a whiteboard for your office? Before you do, there are some issues you may want to consider about your trusted dry-erase board.

How do you save your work?

Do you have a dedicated Whiteboard Picture Taker in your office? Probably not. Even if you did there could be a big problem; unless this person takes personal pride in their picture-taking abilities and can dependably take and share images with your team, this is a clunky and rather undependable process. Does your picture taker have a panorama app? Because you need either that or to somehow stitch two or three photos together to make sense of what’s on that whiteboard.

How do you share work in real time?

More and more people are attending meetings via phone or video, which is great if they can see the whiteboard. (If you’ve attended a meeting remotely you know this isn’t always the case.) So, how do you share the information that’s being drawn on the board in real time and in a way that can truly engage your teammates and clients? It’s not easy.

Do you rely on these three words: “Do Not Erase”?

Saving your work can be a challenge with a standard dry-erase board. No matter how sacred you feel your whiteboard markings are, someone can still graze them with a shirtsleeve or simply have no idea of their importance to you, your team, or the company as a whole, and erase them.

What do you do? We’ve got a solution

SMART kapp. It’s a sleek, modern version of a dry-erase board. You can capture, save and share your work in real time. There’s no hassle with IT setup, and your data is secure once you share it—not waiting for enquiring eyes to take note.


Before you buy a whiteboard, check out how SMART kapp can improve your workplace collaboration.

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One thought on “3 Questions to Ask Before You Buy a Whiteboard

  1. I really liked your post! I had no idea that there were whiteboards that could do all of the things that you mentioned! I think that having a whiteboard that can do things like instantly sharing information, or capturing written content, is great! They seem like they would be a great option for businesses that often use a whiteboard to plan events, because you can instantly save everything that you wrote on the board to your computer so that you don’t lose it. I’m going to mention these kinds of boards to my manager, I think that they would be great for the company I work for! Thank you for the information!

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