Business Information Modelling Streamlines Success

Business information modelling (BIM) has been pushed to the forefront in the UK today and people and technology are struggling to keep up. This is especially true in an industry that has stayed with its processes for far too long as one company’s error was another benefit well, at least financially. 

BIM is here to streamline these inefficiencies by reducing risk, improving decisions and providing a one project solution. This means using BIM we can now forecast the performance of construction projects across their entire lifecycle. This is an essential part of why the BIM level 2 implementation with a deadline of 2016 has been put in place by the UK government.

Vendors such as Autodesk and Tekla have their fantastic software solutions in place and have greatly aided the push forward. Many of the companies have this software and have trained staff to use it but how do they make it work within dispersed team and between different businesses? How do you visualise a project that usually means masses of paper plans printed for everyone to work around at the table in one location? How can they move their processes to meet the digital solutions they are being pushed to use? The answer: find a solution that simply makes their systems quicker, slicker and interoperable with all this new digital work flow. It isn’t easy but having worked with large construction companies over the past three years I have seen that SMART makes this possible.

In the UK we have produced numerous independent whitepapers on the way business work and the effects of collaboration. But the real key to success has been the verticalisation of the technology focus. This was brought to our attention initially by the Turner Construction case study then moving forward the Stanford University whitepaper on the use of SMART within business information modelling environments. This led to a close working relationship with a deep dive into the way the architecture engineering construction (AEC) industry had been working especially with BIM. During the following twelve months we had a good number of success stories with the largest names in the industry including ATKINS, Costain, Keir, BAM, and Balfour Beatty, to name a few.

In 2014 we decided to showcase the SMART solutions and show a BIM cave with a three-screen setup with true integration with the market leading software in the BIM sector. The solution was born out of the Stanford CIFE findings. The SMART Meeting Pro software combined with SMART Bridgit distance collaboration software provided everything the industry was looking for, and answered the need for the business processes to be brought in line with the business information modelling software. Even things like having the resolution to handle the large DWG files that were used to view multimillion pound project models in 3D. As a result the solution won the best product at the BIM Show live a pay to attend exhibition with the largest names in the industry attending. To add to this success the 2015 stand with the new 84” 4K panels setup up won best at show. The speaker slot included footage from the Stamford interviews which really held prevalence with the auditorium as many of them had gained their qualifications from Stamford University.

The key to the success for SMART has been its work with leading software brands but the most important part has been the ease of use of its Meeting Pro software that has bred adoption through businesses not just the business information modelling teams.


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About Chris Southern

Chris joined Steljes over four years ago as Business Development Manager for the corporate sector. He then moved to become a Product Pioneer for SMART and currently holds the position of Head of Business Solutions. Chris works with enterprise organisations to understand their drivers for meeting and workspace productivity and is an expert in the technology solutions that can improve the way we work.