The kapp Family Is Growing – Welcome to SMART kapp iQ!

Everyone who has seen it loves SMART kapp. It’s designed with simplicity in mind, and that’s the beauty of it. But simplicity has inherent limitations. Many people want functionality beyond SMART kapp, but they still want to keep it simple. When we show people kapp, the two most common questions hear are:.

  • “Can I ink back from my device?”
  • “Can I use different colored pens?”

Today, with the introduction of kapp iQ, the answer to both is a resounding YES. kapp iQ offers both of these features and so much more.  It is the world’s first multiway whiteboard and the definitive collaboration display!

Like the original SMART kapp, kapp iQ simply connects via any Android or iOS device. Users can then invite any Web-enabled device to join for unrivalled, real-time collaboration. Anything written on the kapp iQ board is shared in real-time with anyone, anywhere in the world. The magic is that participants can contribute and collaborate in real time back by making notes on their devices that immediately display in the kapp iQ browser session on the board – making it the only multiway, interactive whiteboard that combines the simplicity of a traditional whiteboard with the power of an ultra-high definition 4K display.

Upgrade to a Professional account to unlock features that enable even more effective collaboration

Collaboration turns into a truly magical experience – without the need for IT involvement or the need to connect to a corporate network. And just like kapp, kapp iQ uses the existing SMART kapp app, but with new iQ enhanced features, such as digital inking over any content. In addition, because kapp iQ uses the same panel technology as the SMART Board 6000 Series, many of our existing customers can retrofit their boards to also leverage the power of kapp iQ.

We’re proud of SMART’s innovation – first with kapp, and now with kapp iQ, which  represents a huge leap forward in collaboration technology. . kapp iQ embraces and connects the modern world, where multiple devices with different operating systems are in constant use. We are confident it will revolutionize the standard meeting and collaboration experience.

What do you think? If you haven’t tried them out, you must. The first public appearance for kapp iQ will be at NeoCon in Chicago and InfoComm in Orlando next month. Come stop by and see the magic in-person!

Robin Raulf Sager
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About Robin Raulf Sager

Robin Raulf-Sager is director of corporate communications at SMART Technologies. She was previously director of communications for Radvision, an Avaya company. Robin has led global corporate communications programs for more than 15 years and is passionate about unified communications and collaboration. She has an M.S. and a B.S. in communications from the University of Illinois.