Spotlight On Kruse Smith – Big Room And Concurrent Engineering

Kruse Smith is Norway’s sixth largest contractor and a major property developer. The company has five offices, employs approximately 1,000 people and is Norway’s largest family owned business.

Collaboration plays a key part on Kruse Smith’s ability to be innovative because the company’s work is project based. With the goal of enhancing collaboration, Kruse Smith decided to invest in one of their BIM rooms (the Big Room) within their Stavanger facility by implementing SMART Board® 8070i interactive displays. Kruse Smith has been eager to support faster decision making, avoid misunderstanding and facilitate a new way of collaboration. 

As part of being an innovative AEC company and with the goal of enhancing collaboration, Kruse Smith decided last year to invest in their first Big Room within their Stavanger facilities. This was a result of their participation in the VDC course held by CIFE research centre at Stanford University short time in advance. The course focus on the added benefit cross discipline collaboration was on project meetings. To facilitate this way of work and to get value from ICE environment (Integrated Concurrent Engineering) Kruse Smith decided to invest in displays from SMART Technologies. The Big Room has 2 SMART Displays and a projector. The goal of a three-display set-up as recommended by CIFE is hence accomplished.

By utilizing SMART’s interactive displays to enhance collaboration, Kruse Smith has been able to bring up more information, be more interactive and do more in less time which adds value to their projects. Click here for more information about how Kruse Smith has enhanced collaboration with the help of SMART’s interactive displays.


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About Carl Elowsson

Carl Elowsson has been the Channel Manager with the distributor of SMART Technologies in Norway, Interactive Norway, for the last five years. In addition to the responsibility of guiding the channel through the Edge accreditation program he has focused on SMART solutions in the AEC and Higher Education segments. To bring interactivity and collaboration to the AEC vertical has thus been the primary task of the last two years. The introduction of ICE (Integrated Concurrent Engineering) as a way of collaboration has been the crucial angel of how to introduce the SMART solution to this sector. To maintain the importance and recognition of vertical specific applications for all parties in a project, he has set out to inform this group of users on how Big Room facilities can obtain a much needed cross discipline improvement on communication.