2014: The Year That Was (And Looking To 2015)

What a year! 2014 was the year SMART connected with businesses and started talking about what true collaboration really is with the launch of this blog. Thanks for reading and sharing!

Here are a few significant moments from the year.

  1. People are getting behind the idea that collaboration goes beyond just communication. We’ve been talking about how collaboration goes beyond communication on our blog and featuring the voices of our Collaboration Executive Council our CTO Warren Barkley really nailed it in his Wired Insights post when he talks about how Millennials are not just BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) but BYOC (Bring Your Own Collaboration). The expectations for collaboration are higher with this new demographic in the work force. Are you ready?
  2. SMART kapp launch at Infocomm. We knew we had something special when we took SMART kapp to Infocomm but even we were floored by the incredible reaction to the new innovation – both from attendees and the media. It truly does bridge analog and digital meeting spaces. The product is now shipping and we look forward to hearing how it enables more collaboration in 2015!
  3. Visiting and sharing the amazing Plantronics collaboration culture. We would admire how Plantronics approaches collaboration even if they didn’t use our solution. If you haven’t had the chance to read and watch Plantronics, go here, here and here to get inspired.
  4. Announcement of Skype for Business. There is more to say on this topic in 2015 and we’ll approach this change together as we both continue to support Lync customers and Skype for Business customers with SMART Room System for Lync!

What stood out for you in 2014? Share your thoughts below.

Happy Holidays, readers! And if you are a customer who needs to connect with SMART during the holiday break, please know that the social team taking a break and we invite you to visit our Contact Us Support page from December 20 to January 5th. See you in 2015!