7 Things About Meetings We’re Thankful For

Hello again! We gave office meetings a bit of a hard time in our Halloween post and they generally aren’t represented well in pop culture or in memes. Even Brittany made an Office Space joke last week in her post promoting Jacob Morgan’s upcoming webinar on December 9th.
Let’s take a kinder, gentler approach this week. It is the week to give thanks, after all, so here are seven things about meetings to be thankful for that I collected from our blog contributors.

I’m thankful…
1. …for meetings that bring out the voices of people who don’t talk a lot but have so much to say.
2. …when getting together resolves an issue much faster than a lot of e-mail back and forth. Get out of your inbox and go talk about it.
3. …for Microsoft Lync when I am at my desk and need to talk to someone 1:1 – it’s easy, simple and works every time.
4. …for those times where one idea leads to another and we all feel inspired afterwards. True collaboration in action!
5. …for Meeting Pro unbound workspace (seriously how did I ever work before it?) rather than just presenting a PowerPoint (yawn).
6. …for meetings that don’t feel like lost time – those magic moments that lead to a solution in less time than originally scheduled.
7. …for those humorous times during a meeting, or failing that, when there are cupcakes. Viva la cupcake!

Speaking of food – have a great Thanksgiving American readers!

What are you thankful for about meetings? Share here or on Twitter: @SMARTCollab.