3 tips from best-in-class collaborative companies

Delivering technology solutions and tools that enable collaboration is a core mission in many organizations. However, best-in-class organizations consistently emphasize “culture” as being the key differentiator in seeing significant business value from collaboration.

We’ve identified the top 3 tips from companies like IBM, Plantronics and Intel to establishing a more collaborative culture:

1. Get commitment from the top – Executive support and leadership is critical to instill a collaborative culture. The champions in the company must be willing to “walk the talk” when it comes to things like hoteling stations and knowledge sharing that supports how employees can better identify and internalize their role within it. Workspaces and culture need to factor into how people foster collaborative work and leverage technology. Who’s your Collaboration Champion?

2. Establish process and identity – It is critical to clearly define team norms and back it up with process that supports that identify. Documentation helps but workshops and events that get everyone “marching to the same beat” will have a huge impact. A truly collaborative culture rewards things like knowledge sharing and net new increase of organizational knowledge.

3. Implement technology synergy – The crossover between technology and culture is all about workflows and empathy. How can we get the most out of time zone overlaps? How can we make local workspaces more productive? How can we make remote teams more effective? What is the outcome of this meeting supposed to be? People are at the heart of the synergy, technology only facilitates.

Bill Haskins from Wainhouse Research offers additional analyst perspective on fostering a culture of collaboration within an organization. You can read the full report here!

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