You’ve Invested in Collaboration Technology … Now What?

Your IS or IT group just purchased collaboration technology for your organization. Fantastic. But now what? How to you make sure that the technology is used by all? More importantly; how do you ensure that everyone who uses it sees its value very soon after the technology is installed?

Here are some best practices to get quick returns on investment of your collaboration solution technology. First, talk to your technology account representative and ask if they will help facilitate collaboration technology awareness sessions with each user group within 90-days of the solution getting implemented. A really good account representative will be proactive and suggest this to you prior during the sales engagement process. 90-days is a critical threshold. During this time there is a lot of visibility into the project and executives will be paying close attention to confirm they made the right technology decision.

Okay great. Now that you’re going ahead with technology awareness events, time to think about a theme for these events to get maximum interest and attendance across the organization. Maybe frame these sessions as “new ways of working”. The majority of people are have a keen interest in earning about innovative ways to do their job better.

Next, identify user groups, application and workflows within each group. It’s important to make these sessions relevant and specific to each user group. These are hands on sessions – don’t make them training sessions on how to use the technology. Focus on showing how the technology can integrate into each user group’s workflows and help them achieve their business goals. Get end-users to see the value of the collaboration technology and how it (technology) will enhance their workflow and not become another IT pushed initiative that nobody understands its purpose.

Collaborate with user-groups to identify reasonable metrics to determine whether the collaboration technology is paying off….possibly add this topic to the awareness sessions. Let users have a say in what they think is important to measure. It’s critical to be able to report to executives that they made the right decision to invest in collaboration solution technology.

Lastly, about 90-days after the initial sessions, negotiate with the vendor to conduct a few follow-up Plus/Delta session to make sure the collaboration technology is achieving the defined metrics.

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About Rick Bruce

Rick Bruce is the enterprise marketing manager. His mission for the past 5+ years has been to extol the benefits of collaboration technology to businesses and anyone who will listen. When not behind his desk, he can be found tethered to a ski, bicycle or motorcycle helmet.