A More Collaborative Culture

Having a culture that embraces collaboration, without employees squirming uncomfortably at the notion of sharing ideas and content with other departments, is no small feat. Some industries and some companies have mastered this more than others but there are a few underlying best practices that we see again and again for driving change to a more collaborative, and often more innovative, corporate culture.

This infographic walks you through what collaboration is NOT and shows 6 best practices for a collaborative culture.

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And remember, technology doesn’t collaborate, people do. Without a collaborative culture it’s just technology and meeting rooms. How effective are your collaboration practices? Please share your thoughts with us!

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About Brittany Wickerson

Brittany manages SMART Enterprise Brand activities, from the Global Collaboration Research Study, to the Collaboration Executive Council. She specializes in data driven analysis and is currently completing her Master’s degree in Business Analytics. Brittany joined SMART in 2012, bringing more than five years of marketing and analysis experience in technology. When she’s not monitoring global trends in collaboration Brittany can be found sweating her brains out in a yoga studio, fighting jet lag in Cambodia or studying big data at NYU. Right now it’s mostly just studying.