Business Anthropology Part 3 – Disconnected From the Herd

Road warriors, remote professionals, dedicated customers and committed project teams  share a common productivity challenge known as “the conference call.” This unevolved way of working combines rudimentary tools that require people to dial into meetings without seeing the content being discussed. The blurry photos sent after the meeting do nothing to unite the group.

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Disconnected from the herd

Researcher Royston Birtwistle and the Institute of Productivity have examined the remote worker in close proximity to collect data on why they feel so disconnected.
Here we have an interesting case! This employee is trying to reconnect with the herd. However she goes unnoticed by her coworkers when she tries to contribute. Peculiar. Watch her expression when she sees the strange image of the meeting notes they share with her – is this the face of a productive team member?
What if the remote worker under observation could have followed along with the notes as they were created by the team using the SMART kapp app on her phone? This unfortunate disconnection and waste of scarce human resources could have been avoided.

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Are you a remote worker? Have you been cut-off from the pack? Share your story here.