Business Anthropology: Field Studies from the Modern Office

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From Fortune 500 offices to the profit hunters of small and medium businesses everywhere, we use rudimentary office tools.

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These tools are as basic as the ones employed by mammals in the wild.

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All you need to hold a marker in your hand is an opposable thumb, it’s true, but has the meeting room habitat evolved to help office workers achieve common goals? Let’s explore…

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Royston Birtwistle’s field studies

Royston Birtwistle is investigating behaviors in the modern office and he’s uncovered some fascinating group dynamics. Employees are industrious creatures who make due with unevolved tools, but they are also a highly social species who prefer to share information for the betterment of the species.

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How do they function in this challenging, harsh environment?

Watch Roysten Birtwistle’s first field study as he examines the modern worker in his natural habitat.

What would Royston Birtwistle uncover in your meeting room? Share your comments here.

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